Why Gemstone is Distinct in the Ottawa Building and Development Community

“The espresso machine runs all the time,”

“The office feels like our personal clubhouse.”

No, this isn’t a Google or Facebook employee talking from a beanbag chair somewhere outside San Francisco. These are the words of Tony Natoli, our Vice President of Construction when asked about our newly renovated offices in Ottawa’s centretown neighbourhood.

When the folks at Ottawa Magazine asked for a tour of our headquarters, we greeted them with open arms; the same way we do with collaborators, contractors, and of course – our clients.

Human connection is our prerogative, and our collaborative office space is not only a cool place to hang out, but a great way for us to establish a unique relationship with everyone in our community.

Find out what we mean and enjoy a tour of our home courtesy of the Ottawa Magazine article below. Or better yet, come on down for a visit – your espresso is waiting.

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