Don’t Make These Mistakes When Building Your Custom Home

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Building Your Custom Home

Everybody makes mistakes. It’s hard to get through life without making them. Most often, mistakes can be a great opportunity for learning, but when it comes to building your custom home, mistakes can translate to additional costs and living in a home that doesn’t feel like it was made for you. Which totally defeats the purpose of building a custom home, right?

The decisions you make when building your custom home have long term consequences that are far more messy to clean up than leaving the window open during a thunderstorm. It may sound like a lot of pressure, but with a bit of guidance, you can avoid some of the most frequently made custom home building mistakes.

Here are some of the most common mistakes we’ve seen with luxury homes, and how you can avoid them:

Rushing Through the Planning Phase, In Fact – Rushing Through Anything

Good things take time. We’re big believers in this. Don’t get us wrong, we work with timelines that suit your lifestyle and never stick around longer than we need to, but if there’s a complicated or challenging part of your project that needs special attention, you can bet we’ll make sure it’s done right the first time to avoid future complications.

As for planning; get your team together from the very beginning so that everything from home design to landscaping and lighting can sync together for a super responsive and satisfying home. Telling your architect you’d like eliminate a wall is much easier when said wall is simply pencil on paper, and not made of solid drywall. Take your time as you go through the planning process and make sure you’re armed with a wishlist and visual examples of what you want.

Not Thinking Long Term

Is this your forever home? Do you plan to retire here? Or maybe you plan on having children and growing a family? In many cases, you’re likely not planning to resell any time soon, so why not ensure your home will grow with you and your future dreams? Whether it’s a jack and jill bathroom for future little ones, or wide doorways and a main level master suite for old age, thinking in future terms can be very beneficial.

Choosing Trendy Features and Finishes

Yes, that marble countertop might be super Insta-friendly now, but it won’t hold up against fingerprints and spills as well as a more durable alternative, like say, quartz. Your builder or designer can offer plenty of options that are timeless but also on-point. Bear in mind that a smart decision now will yield reno-free years down the road.

Getting Carried Away and Adding Unnecessary Features

While we are big advocates of creating a dream-filled wish list, it’s very easy to get away with adding extra rooms and features that may not be necessary to your lifestyle. Home gyms are great, but if you love the camaraderie of a spin class, will you really use it?

In the long run, your luxury custom home should be suited to you, and not a burden of extra rooms to maintain and clean.

Prioritizing Cost Over Quality

We’re all for being prudent when it comes to allocating funds for your luxury custom home, but your home is your sanctuary – why wouldn’t you want to ensure you’re offering your family the best?

This applies to every aspect of building your custom home, from choosing the right builder to the style of kitchen hardware. Choosing superior quality from the beginning yields better results in the long run. It means fewer headaches, replacements, and a better overall experience.

Not Planning a Solid Budget or Including a Contingency Plan

It’s easy to come up with a budget before building your luxury custom home, only to realise that what you planned for doesn’t cover everything you want. Before meeting with your project team, do your research, come up with a budget that works for you and stick to it.

This way, your general contractor and architect can make suggestions and work within your financial scope.

As with all projects, things change, and surprises happen. Always include a contingency plan for both timing and budget so you’re not caught off guard in case something unexpected occurs.

Choosing the Wrong Builder

There are a few luxury custom home builders in the Ottawa area, and it’s important to find one that is right for you. Seek out referrals that offer examples of the type of home you’re looking for, and assess every quote you receive.

Building your dream home in Ottawa is a personal and special experience. Think about who you want to share it with – you will want a builder who is reliable and always ready to answer questions and be there when you need them. A superior builder will act as your partner and will never sacrifice quality to save time or money.

If you’re not sure about where to start, or where you can find this type of exceptional service, give us a call 😉 we’ll be happy to answer any questions about building your custom dream home with us.