6 Ways to Child-Proof Your Luxury Home Without Sacrificing Style

6 Ways to Child-Proof Your Luxury Home Without Sacrificing Style

As a family-owned and operated builder in Ottawa, we value family time, and a home that allows for kid-proof play and growth. We also have a penchant for aesthetics and beautiful craftsmanship.

Do the two mix?

Is it possible to have a custom-built, luxury home that is also spill-proof, shatter-proof, resistant and reinforced? In a word: indestructible?

We think it is. Luxury home design and decor can be tailored to your taste and your changing family needs. Here are some tips that you can incorporate into the design and decor of your custom luxury home:

Choose Dark and/or Printed Fabrics

Darker fabrics and prints are masters of disguise when it comes to spills and stains. Choose a fabric that is engineered to be stain-resistant and easy to clean – leather and microfiber are consistent winners.

Paint with Eggshell finish

This durable paint finish suits both light and dark colours, and is easy to wipe clean with a damp sponge. Bring on your budding Picasso!

Avoid Glass in Easy to Reach Places

Glass can be uber stylish but not when it is covered in fingerprints. Which it will be. All the time. If you really like the look of glass, incorporate it in higher to reach places or adult-only zones.

Incorporate Storage

Keep your spaces clutter free by incorporating chic storage options into your decor like baskets and built-in shelves. Chest coffee tables, ottomans with drawers or compartments are also a smart way to stash toys when company comes over.

Use Caesarstone

Caesarstone table


Love the elegant look of marble but worried about its durability? Enter Caesarstone; an engineered quartz stone that is scratch, crack, and stain resistant.

Decorate With Unbreakables

Think outside the breakable box when it comes to decor – especially on easy to reach spots. Use unbreakable items for decor like books, pillows, or anything wooden. And don’t forget about spotlight-worthy toys themselves!